What should I do if, despite the correct temperature setting, the gas oven bakes unevenly? Why is this happening?

The heating element is burnt out. A burnt-out top heating element can cause the oven to bake unevenly, resulting in undercooked food on the top. A properly functioning heating element should glow red. If it doesn’t, it likely means it’s not heating properly — it may have burnt out.

Damage to a burnt-out heating element is often visible to the naked eye. Look for holes or bubbles. If the damage isn’t visible but you’re unsure if the heating element is working properly, it’s best to contact professionals!

In the case of the bottom heating element, we can’t observe if it glows red because it’s hidden under the baking chamber. If you notice uneven browning where the top is browning while the bottom remains pale or underdone, the bottom heating element may not be functioning. In this case, we recommend having it dismantled and checked, but it’s better to leave this task to a professional!

The convection fan is defective. The convection fan works with other heating elements to circulate hot air evenly throughout the oven. It can operate independently or in conjunction with other heating elements, depending on the program settings.

The purpose of convection is to ensure even heat distribution in the oven. Failure of the fan can result in uneven baking and incomplete cooking.

The fan motor is damaged. In a convection oven, the motor drives a fan that circulates air inside the cooking chamber. It’s possible that the connectors on the motor have become disconnected, interrupting the operation of the fan motor.

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