Appliance & HVAC Inc. provides speedy service for household appliances. We guarantee to arrive at the place of the breakdown on the same day as your request, and carry out all necessary diagnostics, dishwasher repair, and service.Our company has the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as original spare parts and tools, for efficient repairs. We work Monday through Saturday in San Diego and its suburbs.

A dishwasher is an essential household appliance in every home. It is a machine that cleans and rinses dirty dishes. To use it, you need to load the dishes, add detergent, set the appropriate washing cycles, and turn it on. Additionally, it has several other features that may sometimes malfunction.

If you have noticed that your dishwasher is not heating water properly, it is important to identify the root cause of this problem. There could be various reasons for this issue, and it is essential to understand them in order to get your dishwasher up and running again. Let’s explore the possible causes of this problem together so that you can have clean and spotless dishes in no time!

The possible causes for this fault:

  1. There is an issue with the plumbing
  2. The drain filter is clogged
  3. The heating element is not working
  4. The temperature sensor is defective
  5. The compression chamber is blocked
  6. The pressure switch is faulty
  7. The high-pressure switch is faulty
  8. The thermostat is defective
  9. The electric wires have become damaged
  10. The programmer isnot working
  11. The circuit board is defective

To avoid causing further damage, please contact our company instead of attempting repairs on your own.

Why should you call Optimus Appliance & HVAC Inc.?

We are a licensed repair service for appliances from various global manufacturers. That’s why we bring all the necessary tools and parts to your place to ensure a fast and high-quality repair. We arrive on the agreed-upon day and complete the repair of your appliance on the very same day. You can trust your dishwasher to us, the professionals. To schedule a repair appointment, please call us at +1(858)225-1715.

We Offers 30 Day Labor and 30 Day Parts Warranty!
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