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Washing machine repair in San Diego

Optimus Appliance & HVAC Inc. provides Washing Machine Repair Service San Diego. Certified specialists of our company quickly and efficiently fix any breakdown of your appliance and give a warranty on services provided. We repair all types of washing machines (washer dryer combination, washer & dryer sets, top loading, front loading, portable and compact washing machines) and work with most manufacturers so we always have original parts and tools. If you need to have your washing machine repaired, you can call us any day. Our service works seven days a week and accepts applications every day.

Washing machine repair service

We service and repair all types of washing machines
We service and repair all washing machine brands
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Repair washer

It’s hard to imagine life without a washing machine now, and if you are a parent or have pets, then your washing machine works twice as hard, because dirty clothes are collected at a cosmic speed. Breakdowns always happen all of a sudden and we definitely don’t expect them. They may include different causes such as too hard water, power surges, filter clogging, bearing or water sensor failure, foreign object ingress, drain system clogging, etc. In any case, you first search the Web for washing machine repair near me because washing by hand is definitely not an option. It is important for you that a technician arrives quickly, the company is professional and the repairs are carried out at your home as efficiently as possible.

Call Optimus Appliance & HVAC Inc.! 

Our manager will arrange the best time for you and assign a specialist. The first step of any visit is to diagnose the issue, and then the repair itself is carried out. The technician will tell you the cost for the repair services of your washing machine on the spot. It may depend on the breakdown severity, the price of spare parts, the complexity of the repair and the brand of the appliance itself (the price of parts may differ for each manufacturer).

The technician will take all the necessary equipment along with him so as not to delay the repair. We understand how important it is to get the washing machine repaired right away or perform a refrigerator repair and we always do our best to get it done.

How do you know if you need a washing machine repair?

  • You hear strange or new sounds during its operation.
  • Your washing machine jumps and vibrates too much.
  • Your washing machine does not fill up or drain water properly.
  • Your washing machine has flooded the floor during washing.
  • Control buttons or heating are down.

In any case, if you observe changes in the operation of your washing machine, contact our service. The faster you do this, the more likely you are to avoid complex breakdowns and major repairs.

Optimus Appliance & HVAC Inc. is a company that will carry out high-quality maintenance of the washing machine with all due responsibility and professionalism. Repair of such appliances should be carried out by specialists with experience and understanding of modern mechanisms and technologies. Our technicians are the best at what they do and know how to make your life easier.

Entrust our company to repair a washing machine. We work every day from 10 till 19 seven days a week. The appliances do not choose a convenient time to fail, but we are ready to help you regardless of the day of the week. Call us right now at +1(858)225-17-15 and you will get the best service in the city at reasonable prices.


We Offer 30 Day Labor and 30 Day Parts Warranty!
What Our Customers Say About Us

My washing machine broke down and I didn’t know how to fix it! My friends advised me to call the master home, but I don’t understand this. Then I found Optimus Appliance in Google maps and called there. they came right away and repaired everything! Thanks guys!

Ezra Berry

As a client of this company, I can say that I am completely satisfied with the level of service and the quality of services provided.  It’s a pleasure to work with this company. Firstly, the specialists are polite and competent.Secondly, the problems in the oven were eliminated very quickly.

Martha Stanley

The light didn’t work in our refrigerator, I called the guys home and they immediately repaired the device! Very polite and responsive. They are well versed in household appliances. I will always contact only this company!

Katherine Farmer

Good company, quickly fixed the breakdown in the washing machine. Our washing machine did not heat the water or wash the laundry badly. They did not dare to fix the breakdown themselves, and turned to Optimus Appliance & HVAC Inc. and they immediately arrived. Thank you very much!

Melvyn Atkins

Initially started with the e-mail. Few minutes later company called me to fix the appointment. Couple of hours later we’ll mannered young man called Ilia showed up and fixed my washing machine in less than 45 minutes . I had spinning problem. Everything happened within few hours. Wow… Excellent service. Knowledgeable technician. What else we customers need more than this. I am very satisfied. Will recommend to my friends and family without doubt.

Matthew Feller

A few weeks ago, refrigerator started to get warm. At first, it would take
forever to cool down and then it started to not stay cool at all. Being an
amateur plumber, I figured i would try my hand at appliance repairman. Did
the basic stuff first and then noticed there was too much ice building up in
the freezer. Saw the air duct was clogged with ice, proceeded to defrost it
and saw the temperature go back to normal and thought we were good. A
week later started happening again. I just gave up and went to Thumbtack
and found Andrew. He was responsive and prompt, and instantaneously
addressed the problem. Most importantly for me, it was a good value and he
was nice and professional, which made it that much easier to part with some
hard-earned money. If necessary, he’ll tell you how to get drawers out for
cleaning, how to keep your refrigerator seals cleaned and rust/mold-free, and
explain any other questions you may have AND just do the work quietly
having your appliance up and running in no time. Highly recommended.
You will not find a better value for the fantastic work he does.

Sam Grose

Andrew had his work cut out for him with my GE washer. He easily coped with it,
after making a diagnosis of an elusory problem, finished the job and now my
washer is working well. He was extremely professional, wearing a mask during a
whole process, fixed the problem after trying a few things, arrived when he said
and the workmanship and value was outstanding. We had to wait for parts, but that
is to be expected. Thank you!

Lila Landeros

We had an emergency situation with our refrigerator on a Saturday. Andrew
was the one who responded immediately and was at my home in an hour. He
worked diligently, identified the issue and resolved it in the next 2 hours. I
would highly recommend Andrew for his professionalism, expertise and his
work quality.

Cameron Croft
Common Questions Asked About Washing machines

Can you repair a washing machine making a grinding noise during agitation?

A washing machine can make grinding noises. Optimus Appliance & HVAC Inc. can send you a technician on the same day

Why a washing machine spin cycle is very loud?

An error on the control board could cause a washing machine with a loud spin cycle. There are so many reasons why this may occur. Optimus Appliance & HVAC Inc. can send you a technician on the same day

Why is a washing machine repeating rinse cycles?

Call or text Optimus Appliance & HVAC Inc. and we'll fix your washing machine. We will provide a control board replacement for any washing machine brand
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